How Not to Die in the New Year

How this amazing woman literally added more LIFE to her life - and she wants you to know how to do it, too.

By Amy Lynne Johnson

You just never know when great advice will come your way. That’s why it’s so important to just get out into life, talk to people, and see what you might discover.

After watching a rehearsal at the Boston Ballet in preparation for the amazing ChoreophrapHER event, I decided to pop into Neiman Marcus on the way back to my car.  I wanted a shot of all that abundance and beauty, and I wanted to sample a fragrance recommended by a friend.


I had no idea I would meet Cheryl Isabelle-Alper, an angel disguised as a Sisley rep, who would reaffirm for me why I love getting out there and being open to the surprises life has in store (literally this time).  We got to chatting, and the conversation turned to feeling good and healthy, so of course I remarked about Cheryl’s glowing skin and exuberant attitude. 

“What’s your secret?” I asked, expecting it would be something related to the Sisley product line. 

“Well, yes, that is part of it,” she said, “but actually…did you know that you can do a LOT through changing the stuff you put in your body?”

My kinda girl, I thought. Cheryl went on to tell me how she had been feeling better than she ever has, has reversed serious health conditions that plagued her for years, has been losing weight without feeling deprived, lowered her blood pressure, and even helped her husband to lose weight and feel better, too.

It all started with reading Dr. Michael Greger’s How Not to Die, which inspired Cheryl to revamp the way she looks at her body’s own ability to heal itself and maintain good health.  It inspired me to read the book as well, and, while there are tons of great health resources out there, I really believe this is the best place to start in terms of healthy living and science-based information to get your healthy self on track.  

Dr. Greger’s story that led him to medicine and education is truly moving, and he has turned his passion for educating the public about nutrition into a smart, easy to follow, scientifically supported and comprehensive website that you have probably already used –

 Dr. Greger’s book changed everything for Cheryl.  She says she doesn’t miss her old ways of eating at all, and it all worked so quickly.  It was simple, too – no counting calories or getting weird ingredients and spending tons of money on supplements or shakes or other gadgets you only use once and never look at again.

“With what we know today, most everyone can live a long heathy life without chronic illness associated with getting older. If I can do it, everyone can! We can all get off the medication carousel. I was up and down on that for years, and all it did was mask my issue and cause a different one. I just wish more people knew about this!”

Best of all, she loves the way she feels in her body now.  She has more energy and vitality, and she’s not spending so much time at the doctor’s office!  Becoming healthy can truly be FUN

The proof is certainly in Cheryl’s face – you may want to stop by the Boston Neiman Marcus Sisley counter to see her radiant, happy energy in person, and see for yourself how powerful the transformation through delicious nutrition can be. Cheryl loves creating new recipes and trying new flavors, and she wants everyone to know how powerful good food can be for a healthy, long life. Her favorite veggie: the humble carrot.  “They last forever in the fridge, you can throw them into any dish, they add great sweetness, and the benefits are phenomenal!”

Healthy eating is much simpler than you might think, and Dr. Greger’s book gives you plenty of options to make the best choices that are right for you.  What better gift to give yourself (and those who love you) in the New Year than to improve your health?  Take it from Cheryl, and the hundreds of thousands of people whose lives Dr. Greger and his team have helped to save.