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Sit back and refresh your spirit with this evocative and mystical two-volume collection of original songs, all improvised and recorded in one take. Piano Poetry can facilitate a deeper experience in meditation, prayer, daydreaming, or simply relaxing with people you love.

Music works so quickly to change your state of mind. Enjoy!

While I never took lessons, I was “called” to sit down at the instrument, start recording, and play what came through from my heart. Let your mind slow down and your tension melt. There’s nothing to do but listen!

Read the full story about how it all happened here.

Volume I: Peace to You

Peace to You evokes the spiritual quest to connect with our Higher Self. It all starts with Quickening, an idea that you know something higher is available to you. It shatters what you thought you knew about Life, like a Passing Storm, but ultimately there is only Good News. When you truly connect with your higher power and your true path, some things in your life will fall away, and it may be very, very hard to let go, even things that at one time, you dearly loved. You have to trust that even though things may seem dark, you are comforted, and Dawn’s Song brings awakening. Still, there is something bittersweet in knowing things will never be the same, and What Might Have Been will never be. When Hope Returns, you realize that you aren’t losing anything at all. You’re only gaining everything you ever truly needed, and more love and peace than you ever imagined.

Volume 2: Music to Calm the Mind and Lift the Heart

Feel like falling in love all over again? The Piano Poems in Volume 2 will take you back to fond memories and happy times. A dash of nostalgia, a hint of holidays, and plenty of playfulness evoke love’s renewal through time. Your mind relaxes and your heart opens. Dreamy and mystical tracks bring a sense of joy and elation at the wonder of life. Volume 2 is a celebration that love is all there is, and all is truly well